Property Measurement Dashboard


What is Property Intelligence? Property Intelligence is a business visualization dashboard built for Home Builders, Real-Estate Agents / Brokerages and Property Management firms to sell or rent properties faster.

What does it do? It organizes, tracks and ranks real-time market interest via a simple to use online dashboard. This dashboard provides a predictive overview of all market trends across multiple locations, while generating real-time leads.

How does it track interest? Property Intelligence interacts with anyone interested in a property by answering their call, sending or receiving text messages and providing a variety of additional options. For example, it can send interior photos, floor plans, 3D models, virtual tours and much more.


Showcased in Homes Plus!

As used by Activa in Homes Plus Magazine!

How can it help our company?

  • Executives are able to make more informed decisions based on live visual stats
  • Marketing Managers know which properties need more advertising
  • Sales Managers can more accurately predict sales revenue / targets
  • Agents can track all incoming numbers and text messages for lead generation
  • Agents are able to save time by focusing on qualified leads
  • Customers experience enhanced service through interaction and speed
  • Organizations can visualize which advertisers are working best
  • Properties can be easily organized across subdivisions, cities, provinces/states
  • Properties that are hard to sell (remote locations) can sell themselves
  • Avoids delays by directing voice-mails to appropriate agents via email


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