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What is SmartTrack? SmartTrack is an online dashboard that measures an organization’s print and broadcast ads based on real-time market interest.

How can it help me? SmartTrack provides fact-based ad information to ensure higher success rates for advertising dollars spent. It achieves this by simultaneously measuring and ranking individual advertisements (or multiple campaigns) across a variety of advertising channels.

Our approach allows organizations the ability to justify whether to place ads with each particular advertiser or pivot in order to save time and resources and ensure an effective and accountable return on investment.

[one_second]What does it measure?

  • Direct mail / Flyers
  • Catalogues / Magazines
  • Billboard Advertisements
  • Yellow-page advertising
  • Radio, Television and more
[/one_second] [one_second_last]How are your ads performing?

No more guessing! SmartTrack quantifies and qualifies which ads are most (or least) effective by cross comparing interest to an ads overall cost. All ‘big data’ is consolidated into one simple, easy to read visual dashboard for effective decision making by CEOs and other executives.




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> SmartTrack can also be used for online campaigns. Have questions or need more info? Contact Us!